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Aditya Rikhari is a Delhi-based artist and singer-songwriter

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Aditya Rikhari


<h3 id=""><strong id="">Who is Aditya Rikhari?</strong></h3><p id="">Aditya Rikhari is an Indian music artist and singer-songwriter. He was born in New Delhi, India. He is best known for his art in the Hindi-language music industry. His songs have been featured in films and television shows, as well as on multiple radio shows.</p><h3 id="">Early Life</h3><p id="">Aditya discovered his passion for music while he was still in school, and he has been singing and writing original songs ever since. When the pandemic hit the world, he started releasing his original compositions and song covers as a means of showcasing his talent to the world.</p><h3 id=""><strong id="">Career</strong></h3><p id="">With a discography that spans around Indie-pop genre, he has garnered critical praise and widespread media coverage, thanks in part to his song "Faasle," which has been heard by over 20 million people. His original song "Kya Karin" was featured on the “Last Cigarette” YouTube channel, while "Tu Rehti Hai," which he wrote for Hasley India, gave him a boost in his musical career. Since then, his original tracks "Faasle" and "Samiho Na" have received a positive reception from the public and have amassed 7 million and 1 million streams globally, respectively.</p><h3 id=""><strong id="">Conclusion</strong></h3><p id="">Aditya Rikhari is an artist who values the freedom to experiment with his music, without the constraints of a particular genre. Rather than trying to fit into a specific box, he prefers to experiment and create distinct and original music.</p><p id="">As an up-and-coming artist in the music industry, his catchy hooks and energetic performances have earned him a dedicated following, making him one of the most popular rising artists in India. Be sure to keep an eye out for his latest releases!</p>