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Alex Ubago is a Spanish singer/songwriter who blends his romantic lyrics into a pop/rock style; with songs like "Sin Miedo A Nada," his powerful ballads have gained him massive popularity in Spain and Latin America.

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Early Years The singers real name is Alejandro Martínez de Ubago Rodríguez. Born in Vitoria, Gasteiz, his parents relocated to San Sebastian as Alex reached the age of four. As a youngster, Music provided him with a positive feeling; as a teenager, he picked up a pen & paper and began writing songs. As soon an idea appeared in his head, Alex wrote a verse or chorus, placed it down, and came back to it later. "Sabes" & "Hay que ver" were the first songs he completed. His cousin had a home studio and helped him record his first songs; several songs he wrote were for his girlfriend, whose birthday was approaching. Musical Journey/Career As time went by, he gained a manager, Inigio Argomaniz, who believed in his talent and explained he should record more songs in his own time without pressure. In 2000, as his compositions grew, he sent them to Inigio, who sent them to the Spanish label "Dro." Later he teamed up with them in Madrid, and they signed him to their record label. Working with producer Jesús Gómez, he continued writing, formed a band, and began working on a new repertoire. In September 2001, Alex released his debut album, "Que Pides Tu," the song reached the top of the Spanish Charts. When he dropped his next album, "Fantasia o Realidad," the album showcased his talent internationally. He Demonstrated his live performance as a guest on the reality show "Operacion Triunfo." As 2003 arrived, Alex received a Grammy nomination for "Best New Artist." "Avion Aviones de cristal" was his third album and was certified gold in both Spain & Mexico. His next album was "Calle Illusion." In 2010 Alex teamed up with Cuban singer "Lena Perez" and Colombian singer Jorge Villamizar. Working on a project, they released an album titled ("Alex, Jorge y Lena.") Debuting with "Estar Contigo," the track reached number 22 on the Billboard Latin songs. In 2011, their project gained an "album of the year" nomination. The threesome sealed it with "Best pop album by a duo or group with vocals."