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TikTok became the social media platform that helped skyrocket the singer’s success. After uploading his single, “It’s you,” the song gained 10 million views.

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Ali Gatie is an Iraqi Canadian alternative Pop/singer with a harmonious laid-back style. He carries a sound that is cool, laid-back combined with pleasant vocals and a subtle rap presence. The songwriter shares his confessions through words. His passionate lyrics express a feeling that's relatable to many. Early Days Ali was born in Yemen to Iraqi parents; later, the family moved to Dubai, where Ali grew up until ten. His family then moved to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Traveling over countries, he was surrounded by various music genres. Career It was the soft pop ballads he felt akin to; listening to expressive songwriters such as Frank Ocean and Ed Sheeran, he began to write expressive music that people could relate to. Around 2016 he began recording and created his YouTube channel. The same year he entered "RhymeStars: an online singing competition created by "Beatstars". The singer rapidly grew a following on social media and signed a deal with Warner Records. by the following year. Moonlight, his confession of love, "Ain't nobody gon' love you like I love you" helped to secure thousands of YouTube followers. His next single, "It's you", peaked in the Billboard charts, reaching position 31, it stayed for four weeks. In 2019 his EP release was complemented with a 12 min video showcasing some of the EP's songs. Ali Gatie continues to work on new music.