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Andy Rivera’s Spotify listeners have reached over 4 million, while on YouTube, the artist has over 42 million subscribers and is now signed to Sony Music.

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Andy Rivera, a Colombian Reggae/Reggaeton artist whose song “Te Pintaron Pajaritos ft Yandar & Yostin” propelled him onto the country’s reggae music scene in 2012, placing him in the spotlight. The song showcased the singer’s sweet melodic tone, and to date, “Te Pintaron Pajaritos” has obtained over sixty-eight million YouTube views. Early Year Son of Colombian singer Jhonny Rivera, the music captured Andy from an early age. As a youngster, he moved to Spain with his Mum, and the pair returned some years later. Throughout his teenage years, he loved music and felt the urge to follow in the same path as his musician father. Career Around 2010, the singer started working with various producers, developing his artistry. In 2011, he released his debut “En Busca de Ella”, which put his name out there. The following year he worked on a collaboration with Colombian duo Yandar & Yostin. The song “Te Pintaron Pajaritos” narrates a tale of a broken love. The track went viral on YouTube, elevating his status in Colombia, Latin America, and Spain. Andy Rivera has continued to collaborate with an extensive collection of singers and rappers from then until now. The track “Los Perros Se Enamoran” featured Nicky Jam, while “Que la Hace la Paga” was a song he recorded with his father. The singer/songwriter has released his 2021 reggaeton track “Fuego”.