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AP Dillion is a Punjabi singer/rapper & producer who blends his Punjabi vocals with R&B/hip/hop/soul & Trap. As an experimental artist, he aims to redefine the style of Punjabi music.

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AP Dhillon


Early Days Amritpal Singh Dhillon was born in Gurdaspur India. His father was a multi-instrumentalist, and AP was mesmerized by the sounds his father played; he felt a strong connection to music. As he reached adulthood, he studied civil engineering and later relocated to British Colombia to obtain a degree in business and administration. His love of music was always there, and AP and his team taught themselves how to make music with music software. Along the way, they had many glitches; they worked on many styles but couldn't find the style they were looking for; one day, it all clicked into place. Musical Journey/Career In 2019, AP released his debut single, "Fake," a hip-hop track blended with Punjabi vocals; he pushed Punjabi music somewhere it hadn't been before. 2020 saw AP Dhillon release twenty singles; many were songs he collaborated on with Gurinder Gill. "Deadly" became their first song to reach the UK Asian & Punjabi charts; it hit the top ten in both charts. He also found success with "Majhail" and "Brown Munde," both sealed a number 1 position. The songs went on to gain billions of views on the internet. Having gained a massive fanbase in the UK, his Asian followers are witnessing an artist who is crossing boundaries. In 2021, the artist ventured on his first Indian tour; blown away by his large fan base, he felt the love of the people and appreciated his followers. He traveled to the UK and performed at various gigs the following year. As a Punjabi artist, he aims to continue to experiment with various styles.