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Amado Batista is a Brazilian singer who is known for his romantic songs such as "Serenade", "Thinking about you", and "Perfect Love," he is a recording artist with more than forty years in the recording industry.

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Early Years Born in Catalao Golas, Brazil, Amado Rodriques Batista is the last child of his parents and has eight siblings. Coming from a humble background, the hardships of life were very challenging. Having moved to the capital as a teenager searching for work, he worked for others for some time and then purchased a small record store. Musical Journey/Career In 1975, Amado released his first debut album with songs such as (Chitãozinho e Chororó,"Naqueles tempos, Lady Mary and Deus.) The following year, his second EP was in collaboration with "Reginaldo Sodre," it became more successful than the first and helped trigger more attention. His next single, "Desisto", gained over 100 thousand copies. His passion for music motivated him to continue to record, and in 1977 "Canta o Amor" was the song that sealed his credibility. After coming under the eye of Continental record label, Amado signed a deal. The release of "O Fruto do Nosso Amor" was the song that catapulted him to success. Amado's songs narrate stories of love & romance. In Brazil, the artist is one of the country's recognised singers. In 1985, he signed with "RCA Records," His album "Um Pedaco de Mimin" successfully reached 600 thousand copies, a considerable feat in 1993. In addition, he was performing around 20/25 shows a month. After recording a string of hits such as "Sebastiao", "O Acidente", and "Serenta," he released his first live album ", Amado Batista Ao Vivo." He then followed with an array of singles and albums on various labels such as Warner, Sony & Continental East-West. The remarkable artist has also starred in a host of Brazilian movies.