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London-based independent artist AYLIVA creating dreamy synths and beats.

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Welcome to AYLIVA's World AYLIVA is the moniker of London-based independent music artist Anna-Livia Plurabelle. Her music is a unique mix of dreamy synth-pop melodies, immersive soundscapes, and complex beat rhythms. She creates a sound that transcends genres, taking influence from artists such as Little Dragon, Four Tet, and Radiohead. Early Life & Career Anna-Livia began her musical journey at an early age, taking piano lessons at age five and starting to produce her own music at age 13. After completing a degree in Music Production at University of Westminster, she released her debut EP in 2017. The success of this release led to airplay on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra and opened the doors for live performances at renowned venues such as the Roundhouse in Camden. Influences & Collaborations Growing up between London and Italy has immensely influenced AYLIVA's sound. Her blend of electronic and acoustic instruments is heavily inspired by the diverse musical landscape she encountered during her travels. She has also collaborated with many talented producers in the UK music industry, including Slow Magic, Lil Silva, and Murlo. Latest Release AYLIVA's latest single "Resonance" was released in 2019. This track features a mix of glitchy synths and wobbly beats, creating a playful soundscape that sets the perfect mood for a party or chill night in. AYLIVA's signature production style shines through in this track, making it one of her most successful releases to date. What's Next? AYLIVA is currently working on her debut album which will be released later this year. The album is expected to be a mix of dreamy sounds and hard hitting beats that will take the listener on an emotional journey through AYLIVA's world. With more singles planned for 2020, there is no doubt that AYLIVA will continue to make waves in the music industry.