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C.Tangana has over 8 million monthly listeners and over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. The singer/rapper has culminated in a global fanbase that incorporates a broad age group.

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C.Tangana is a singer/rapper from Madrid, Spain, whose enticing sound expresses a blend of traditional Spanish folklore, fused with reggaeton and pop. His music displays his openness to his artistry. His sound is bold & charismatic, which has enabled him to create a large fan base with a young and elder generation. Early Days Born as Antón Álvarez Alfaro in Madrid, the rapper attended a catholic school. Later he studied at the capitals, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, to study philosophy. Enriched by music from an early age, his father played guitar, and the family enjoyed the rich rhythms of Andalusian folk music. A variety of other genres also inspired him. With a liking for rap music, freestyling became a way of expression. He began uploading his freestyling sessions online using the name Crema and rapidly discovered he was gaining interest. Career 2005/2006 saw the release of Crema's first EP, "El Es Crema" by 2011, his band creation "Agorazein" developed. After releasing a project by the name. "C. Tangana" gained high attention, and C. Tangana became his new stage name. As time went by, his following expanded, which helped seal his 2016 contract with Warner Chappell Music. The same year "Antes de morirme" was released, a duet with the Spanish flamenco singer Rosalia. After touring in 2017, he signed with Sony Music Entertainment and released his debut album "Espabilao" which subsequently followed with the singer receiving the 2017 MTV Music award for "Best Spanish Act". "El Madrileño" is C. Tangana's 2021 studio album, a fusion of Spanish & Latin traditional sounds merged with a contemporary feel. Recording with some of the finest conventional & modern singers, he recorded with artists such as Cuba's guitarist Eliades Ochoa, Argentinean musician Andrés Calamaro, and Omar Apollo, Mexico American singer, to name a few.