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CG5 is a producer and singer/songwriter who creates original songs with an affinity for gaming music. His name is a coinage of his initials, as he was the fifth Charlie Green born in the family.

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Early Days Charlie found it difficult to focus as a child, asserting he is on the autism spectrum; he was never diagnosed. Music became a powerful tool that helped him concentrate; he developed his musical abilities through instruments, computers, and his voice. One day while at his uncle's home, Charlie noticed a drum kit, jumped on it and started rocking out. He loved pop & rock, his musical influences came from Hall & Oats and the Doobie Brothers, and he loved the original sounds of the '70s & 80's pop music. As music filled his life, he worked hard to become a fully-fledged music producer. Career In 2017, he began to grow his YouTube channel; tracks such as "Can I get an amen" and "like it or not" gained attention. After creating a Tik-Tok channel, his song "Absolutely Anything" was boosted and earned him recognition and a large following on the platform. Later the song was redistributed by Spinnin Records. As his popularity grew, so did his confidence. CG5 has released tracks such as "I see a dream" and "Lyin to Me." With over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he creates music daily in his home studio. He states, "making a song can take a long time, or it can also take me 1 hour." " In 2018 he released "Scared of you" and followed with "I can't fix you" in 2019. Super talented his production skills are impressive; he has a special touch for making exclusive songs. By 2021, CG5 put out nine songs, energizing songs such as "Vibrant eyes, Super Star, and Ok Friday," By 2022, he added nine more singles to his collection. Besides working on personal projects, Charlie has collaborated with various gaming companies such as Dawko, DAGames, and Random encounters, to name a few.