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Discover the new sound of Costa Brava, the Spanish singer-songwriter with an unique blend of classic and modern sounds.

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Who is Costa Brava? Costa Brava is the stage name of José Mª G. de la Calle, a Spanish singer-songwriter born in Madrid in 1990. His music combines traditional Spanish music with modern influences such as pop, rock, and funk. He has released several albums since his debut in 2014, including “La Playa” in 2017 and “Los Santos Inocentes” in 2018. He has also collaborated with other Spanish artists such as Sofia Ellar, Carlos Sadness, and Clara. Early Life & Career José Mª G. de la Calle began playing piano at the age of 8, and soon after started writing his own songs. He studied classical music at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid and in 2012 he graduated with a degree in songwriting. During this time he also started performing as Costa Brava in bars and small venues around Madrid. Two years later he released his debut album “Uno” which featured a mix of folk and pop sounds. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, leading to Costa Brava embarking on his first tour throughout Spain. Recent Work In 2017 Costa Brava released his second album “La Playa” which saw him move towards a more electronic sound while still retaining his trademark acoustic style. The album was another success for Costa Brava, spawning two singles “La Playa” and “Todo Lo Que Quiero” which both charted in Spain. In 2018 he released his third album “Los Santos Inocentes” which further cemented his reputation as one of Spain’s most exciting new singer-songwriters. The album featured collaborations with other Spanish musicians such as Sofia Ellar and Carlos Sadness, as well as singles “Sueño De La Ribera” and “Corazón Delator” which received airplay on Spanish radio stations. Conclusion Costa Brava is an exciting voice from Spain who is pushing the boundaries of traditional Spanish music with his unique blend of pop, rock, funk, and classical influences. His three albums to date have showcased an artist constantly evolving and experimenting with new sounds, and it will be fascinating to see what direction he takes next. With a growing fanbase in Spain and around the world it looks like Costa Brava is only just getting started.