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DD Osama is an American rapper, hip-hop artist and a social media personality.

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Who is DD Osama? DD Osama also known as David Reyes, is an American rapper, hip-hop artist and social media personality. Even though his career is in its initial stages, he has amassed a lot of popularity with his most famous rap, “Without You, and” “40s N 9s,” gaining over 1 million views each on the artist’s YouTube channel. The young hip-hop artist has gained over 600k YouTube subscribers and over 1 million followers on his Instagram in the past year. DD Osama’s Music His first appearance happened in 2022 on the song “PARTY IN THE USA” as a guest artist. He and his brother set up a short-term production company at their grandmother’s residence to commence their careers. DD began raping in 2022 and is still to achieve multiple milestones in his career. Osama makes progress every day in the hip-hop industry. As some of his main influences DD Osama lists Durk, Polo G, Spanish music in his recent TikTok interview. DD Osama delivers savage, poisonous bars at breakneck speed in every verse. Lyrically, his words are often introspective and thought-provoking. He talks about his life experiences, his struggles and triumphs, and his journey through the rap game. Notable Collaborations DD Osama has worked with several other artists over the years, including Coi Leray, Lil Mabu, Deon, and even his brother Notti Osama, who tragically passed in a knifing accident in Manhattan in July 2022. Later that same year, the artist honored the memory of his brother with the release of his track "Letter 2 Notti". Where Can I Hear DD Osama’s Music? You can hear all of DD Osama’s music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, SoundCloud and YouTube. He has released several projects over the years including “Upnow (ft. Coi Leray)” in 2023, “Throw (ft. Lil Mabu)” in 2022, and his singles “Chosen Ones”, “Eternal”, “Letter 2 Notti”, and “MIA” in 2022. Be sure to check out his music if you haven’t already!