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The singer has earned a high quantity of awards. In 2013 Diamond Platnumz walked away with seven Tanzanian music awards, and in 2015, he took two titles at the MTV awards "best African act" and "best worldwide act".

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Diamond Platnumz


Summary Diamond Platnumz, is a Tanzanian Bongo Flava/Afrobeat singer. His infectious upbeat style has earned him the title of one of the country’s most successful contemporary artists. Early days Born in 1989 as Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack, he lived in Tandale, a region of Dar es Salaam. Around 2000, mesmerized by singing, he felt it was his calling. His mum aired her views and told her son to finish secondary school before leaping into music. He carried on singing but kept it from his mother. In 2006, after completing his O-levels, his passion for pursuing music had increased. His mum observed her son’s determination and gave him her full support. Handing him a gold ring, she told him to sell it and pay for studio time. The singer also took on various jobs to keep him recording in the studio. His inspirations came from artists like O Chief, Drake, Neo & Usher. Career In 2009, the first few songs he put out didn’t take off. He released “Kamwambie,” and the single successfully became the no:1 single in the country by the following year. What followed next was his debut album, titled with the same name. By the end of the year, he had won (song of the year and up-and-coming artist of the year). He recorded Diamonds songs in his native Swahili. He realized to accelerate globally, he realized he needed to sing in English; therefore, he began learning it. Over the next few years, he sang in a dual language, Swahili & in English. Following on from there, his 2013 release “number one” was a remix that he recorded with Nigerian artist Davido. The song took him to an international level. Since then, Diamond Platnumz has gone on to work with a string of Nigeran artists and collaborated with Neo, Omario, and Rick Ross. The artist/entrepreneur has created his label WCB-Wasafi and in 2020 signed a merging partnership with Warner Music South Africa.