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The one and only trap music artist E-Vox. Bringing you the hottest beats and lyrics since 2017.

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Who is E-Vox? E-Vox is the stage name of Miguel Sánchez Ocaña, a Mexican trap music artist born in 1997. He started making music at a very young age and his career took off in 2017 when he released his first mixtape “Trap Music”. Since then, E-Vox has been working hard to make a name for himself in the trap music industry. He has collaborated with several big names such as RVSSIAN, MC Lan, and Lil Pump. Music Style & Genre E-Vox’s music style is characterized by its unique blend of hip hop and Latin culture influences. His beats are heavily influenced by Latin rhythms such as reggaeton, while his lyrics are often characterized by a dark and introspective tone. He typically raps about topics such as heartbreak, struggle, and overcoming obstacles. In addition to trap music, he also produces pop music, R&B, and rap. Discography & Featurings Since the release of his debut mixtape in 2017, E-Vox has released several singles and albums. Some of his most popular songs include “I Don’t Wanna Know” featuring MC Lan, “Rebel Without a Cause” featuring Lil Pump, “Be My Baby” featuring RVSSIAN and “Heartbreaker” featuring Anuel AA. He has also collaborated with other artists on various tracks including “No Me Diga No” with Bad Bunny, “Otra Noche” with Ozuna, and “Juice” with J Balvin. Success & Awards E-Vox has experienced great success in the Latin music industry since his debut. His single “I Don’t Wanna Know” featuring MC Lan went viral on YouTube and peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. He has also been nominated for several Latin Grammy Awards including Best Urban Music Album for his album “Trap Music”. He has also won awards from the Latin American Music Awards and the Latin Alternative Music Conference. Conclusion E-Vox is one of the most promising trap music artists in the industry today. His unique blend of hip hop and Latin influences has resonated with fans all over the world and has earned him critical acclaim from both critics and fans alike. With more music coming out soon, E-Vox is sure to continue making waves in the Latin trap music scene for years to come.