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Gianluca Vacchi is a highly successful Italian Entrepreneur and social media personality who has gained a massive following on Instagram.

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Early years Born in 1967 in Bologna, Italy, he was the son of a wealthy family. At school, he witnessed his privilege while alongside his peers. Music was a part of his family household; he played the piano with his grandmother. Career He started skiing at seven and had a natural flair for the craft. Competing in many competitions, he won skiing trophies over the years; his mother wanted him to pursue the sport as a career. By the age of seventeen, Gianluca felt that business was the path he needed to take. Entering university, he studied economics and finished at the age of twenty-five. After investigating his family businesses, he went on to buy shares from family members who were not interested in business. He then started a partnership with a cousin, and they created the company, "IMA," which was involved in various sectors. He spent years plowing himself into the company and was adamant he would become a successful businessman. Founding a new start-up named "ToyWatch," the company became highly successful worldwide. By the age of forty-five, Gianluca felt he was not living his best personal life and began traveling & partying. On social media, he showcased his properties and would appear with footballers, singers, and actors. Dancing to music, he uploaded video clips to Tik-Tok & Instagram, which fuelled thousands of followers. To date, his Tik-Tok followers equal 21 million, while his Instagram is 22 million. In 2016 "Enjoy" was his self-motivational book. With a passion for music, he later powered his energy into DJing and has performed DJ sets at some of the world's biggest clubs and festivals. His up & coming documentary, "Gianluca Vacchi: Macho Mas," will be released on May 25th, 2022.