Artist verifiedGunhild Carling

Gunhill Carling is a Swedish Jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist whose main instrument is the trombone. The artist has two bands to her name, the “Carling Big band” and the “Carling Family Band”.

Gunhild Carling


Swedish Jazz Singer, multi-instrumentalist & composer Gunhild Carling is an artist who consistently captivates with her stunning performances. The mesmerizing entertainer unleashes a never-ending display of pleasurable music with her jazz vocals, musicianship, and eye-opening arrangements. Early Life Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, to a musical family, her father, Hans Carling, was a distinguished trumpet player. Aina, her mother, played violin and banjo. Both parents were involved in prestigious bands and orchestras. Her siblings were also developing musicians. As a youngster, Gunhild’s first instrument was the drums, followed by a collection of instruments that included the (recorder, harmonica, flute, trombone, trumpet, crumhorn, harmonica, harp, and piano). At the age of seven, Gunhild’s first live performance at the age of seven was with her musical family at the Malmo Jazz festival. Influences Gunhild’s biggest inspirations in music are New Orleans jazz and legendary artists such as Louie Armstrong, Billie Holiday, and Duke Ellington. Musical Journey In the late 80s, her family began “The Carling Big band,” and the jazz formation performed across various continents, playing at jazz festivals and venues. Later, the “Carling family band” emerged with some of the family's younger members, which spans three generations. Their vaudeville act includes traditional jazz dances within their performances. When Gunhild decided to do Facebook weekly performances, her followers surged astronomically, catapulting the exuberant artist into the global hemisphere. Now residing in California, the artist has performed across the whole of America. Albums The earliest album recorded was in 1985 - “I lost my heart in Dixieland, and since then, Gunhild and the family have recorded eleven albums in total, the last being the 2015 “Harlem Joy”. Gunhild Carling is an artist who demonstrates her fearlessness in the world of music & performance. She aims to present powerful music & performances to spread joy.