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Gurnam Bhullar is an Indian singer-songwriter and music composer.

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Who is Gurnam Bhullar? Gurnam Bhullar is an Indian singer-songwriter and music composer from Punjab. He rose to fame with his single “Diamond” from the album “Diamond”. He has released several other albums since then like “Jawani” and “Lohri”. He is known for his unique style of singing and fusion of traditional Punjabi folk music with modern beats.Early Life of Gurnam Bhullar Gurnam Bhullar was born in Amritsar, Punjab on October 26th, 1990. His father was a singer and he grew up listening to his father’s music. He had an inclination towards music since childhood and began learning classical music at a very young age. He graduated from Government College in Ludhiana in 2011.Career of Gurnam Bhullar Gurnam Bhullar started his career as a singer in 2012. His debut single, “Diamond”, released in 2016 and was a major hit in Punjab. The song gained huge popularity and he became an overnight sensation. After the success of “Diamond”, he released several other singles like “Jawani” and “Lohri” which too were well received by the audience. He has collaborated with many famous personalities like Jazzy B, Bohemia, Diljit Dosanjh, etc., for his songs. Gurnam Bhullar has also worked with many renowned producers like Jassi Katyal, Preet Hundal, etc.Awards & Achievements Gurnam Bhullar has won several awards for his work in the Punjabi music industry. He won the PTC Punjabi Music Award for Best Debut Male Vocalist in 2017. He was also nominated for the Brit Asia Music Awards for Best Album in 2018. He has also been featured on the BBC Asian Network Chart Show as one of the most popular artists in India.Personal Life of Gurnam Bhullar Not much is known about Gurnam Bhullar’s personal life as he likes to keep it private. However, it is known that he is married and has two children. He currently lives in New Delhi with his family.