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Hakim Salhi is a 56-year-old Algerian raï singer from Oran, Algeria.

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Hakim Salhi: Algerian Raï Musician Hakim Salhi is an Algerian singer and musician from Oran, Algeria. He has been performing raï music since the late 1980s and has become one of the most well-known figures in the genre. In addition to his solo career, Hakim has collaborated with other artists, most notably Rachid Taha and Khaled. He is also known for his passionate live performances, which have earned him a great deal of respect in the music industry.Early Life and Career Hakim was born in 1964 in Oran, Algeria. He began singing at a young age and developed a love for raï music, which was just beginning to gain popularity in the region. He started performing in local nightclubs and quickly became known for his energetic stage presence. In 1989, Hakim released his first album, entitled “Oran Raï”, which was a major success. His follow-up album, “Raïs”, was released in 1991 and was even more popular than the first.Collaborations with Other Artists Throughout his career, Hakim has collaborated with numerous other artists, including Rachid Taha and Khaled. His collaborations with these two artists have been particularly successful, as they have allowed each of them to explore different musical styles. For example, Hakim's collaboration with Rachid Taha on the song “Aïcha” was a major hit in France and helped both artists gain international recognition. Similarly, Hakim's collaboration with Khaled on “Didi” was also a major success.Live Performances Hakim is known for his passionate live performances. He often incorporates traditional Algerian instruments into his live shows and plays with a great deal of energy. His performances are often accompanied by a large group of dancers who add to the atmosphere of the show. Hakim's live shows have been praised by critics for their unique blend of traditional raï music and modern influences.Legacy Hakim Salhi is one of the most influential figures in raï music. His passion for the genre has inspired many other artists to pursue a career in raï music. He has also had an important role in introducing raï music to international audiences. His collaborations with other artists have helped to broaden the appeal of the genre and have made it more accessible to people around the world.