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Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Henry Moodie, creates soulful music with an edge.

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Henry Moodie


<h3>Henry Moodie: A Multi-Instrumentalist and Singer-Songwriter from Scotland</h3>Henry Moodie is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Scotland. He has been creating music since the early 2000s and has released several albums since then. His style is a mix of soulful, jazz-infused sounds with an experimental edge. His songs are often upbeat and catchy, but also have an underlying layer of thoughtful lyrics. He is known for his unique approach to songwriting, incorporating elements from different genres to create something that’s both fresh and familiar. <h3>Early Career</h3>Moodie began his career as a multi-instrumentalist, playing instruments such as the saxophone, guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. He was part of several bands before branching out as a solo artist. In 2004, he released his first album “Distant Horizons” under his own label. The album featured mostly instrumental tracks with a few vocal pieces thrown in for good measure. It was well received by critics and fans alike, and established him as an artist with a unique sound. <h3>Collaborations</h3>Over the years, Moodie has collaborated with several other notable artists including Raul Midon, Robert Glasper, and Bilal. His collaborations have helped to expand his sound and reach new audiences. He has also had the opportunity to play alongside great musicians such as Marcus Miller, John Scofield, and Pat Metheny. <h3>Recent Work</h3>In 2020, Moodie released his latest album “Take Me Home” which features a mix of upbeat songs with thoughtful lyrics. The album has been met with critical acclaim and has seen him tour across Europe to promote it. He has also recently begun working on a new project which will be released soon. <h3>Conclusion</h3>Henry Moodie is a talented musician who has been creating music for over a decade. He is known for his unique approach to songwriting which incorporates elements from different genres to create something that is both fresh and familiar at the same time. His collaborations have allowed him to reach new audiences while staying true to himself musically.}