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Who Is Hyperflex? Hyperflex is an up-and-coming electronic music artist from London, UK. The artist is primarily known for their upbeat, electro-pop music that often contains elements of funk and soul. Hyperflex draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, such as old school hip hop, house, techno, and reggae. Their music has been featured in several compilations and has been released on various labels throughout Europe.Career Hyperflex started producing music in 2017 with the release of their debut single “On My Own”. Since then they have released several singles, EPs, and remixes on various labels such as Sleazy Deep, House Of Disco Records, and Superfett Records. They have also performed at events across the UK including Glastonbury Festival and Lovebox Festival. In 2020, Hyperflex released their debut album “Elevation” which was met with critical acclaim.Influences Hyperflex is heavily influenced by classic genres such as funk and soul. They are also inspired by modern artists such as Tyler The Creator and Kaytranada. Hyperflex has cited these two artists as major influences on their sound. They have also cited other producers such as Madlib, Flying Lotus, and J Dilla as influences.Style Hyperflex’s music is characterized by its upbeat energy and intricate sound design. The artist combines elements of house, techno, hip hop, funk, and soul to create a unique sound that has earned them a loyal following. The music often features glitchy beats, soulful vocals, and heavy basslines which make it perfect for any dancefloor. Hyperflex’s productions are often accompanied by colorful visuals which further enhance their already vibrant sound.Discography Hyperflex has released several EPs and singles throughout their career. Their most notable releases include “On My Own” (2017), “Elevation” (2020), “Space Jam” (2020), “The Get Down” (2021), and “Dancing in the Dark” (2021). They have also released several remixes for artists such as Flume, Jaden Smith, and Tame Impala.