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Iann Dior has worked with three Internet Moneys producers, Touch of Trent, Nick Mira, and founder Taz Taylor, who helped create his initial sound.

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Iann Dior is an emo, hip-hop, trap singer/rapper from Corpus Christi, Texas. The expressive artist transfers his emotions into music, delivering his passionate lyrics. Iann’s openness goes a long way with his followers. Early days Born in Porto Rico as Michael Ian Olmo, his family moved to Texas when Michael was young. Corpus Christi became his new hometown, but Michael never forgot his Spanish language. While in high school some friends noticed his talent and encouraged him to put out some music. After uploading one of his tracks online, he observed the track had received 10,000 views in seven days. This inspired him to put out more music consistently. Music Influences Artists such as J Cole, Paramore, and Harry Styles, are artists who inspired Dior. His music taste is broad and he stated that he is open to working with a variety of genres. Career When Iann came under the attention of Taz Taylor, founder of “Internet Money” things started to move quickly for the rapper. He decided to move to LA because of his music connections. It was while on the plane he came up with the name Iann Dior. In 2019, after arriving in LA, he began working with Nick Mira from Internet money. “Cutthroat” was released on Soundcloud, and reached over 13 million streams. It allowed him to sign 10K projects and released his first mixtape: “Nothings ever good enough”. His latest hit, “V12”, features Lil Uzi Vert and is steadily gaining traction. Bruno Mars is another artist Iann would take pleasure in working with.