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Discover the unique music of Ida Coen, a singer & songwriter from Scandinavia.

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Who is Ida Coen? Ida Coen is an acclaimed singer and songwriter from Scandinavia. She has released a number of singles, EPs and albums since her debut in the late 2000s. Her sound is a combination of folk and pop, with an emphasis on storytelling through her songs. Ida has toured extensively around Europe and beyond, bringing her music to audiences far and wide.The Music of Ida Coen Ida's music draws influence from multiple genres. From the traditional folk-pop of her early work to more ambitious and eclectic sounds later in her career. She has collaborated with many other artists throughout the years, including world-renowned producers, vocalists and instrumentalists. Ida's music has been praised for its unique blend of melody, lyrics and instrumentation.Collaborations & Live Performances Over the years, Ida has worked with many well-known names in the music industry. She has collaborated with producers and other artists on various projects, including remixes of some of her most popular songs. In addition to studio recordings, Ida has been touring regularly for several years, performing live shows at festivals, clubs and other venues across Europe. She often performs with a full band, allowing her to bring the full range of her sonic palette to life.Final Thoughts on Ida Coen Ida Coen is one of the most interesting voices in contemporary music. With her unique blend of styles and influences, she has carved out a unique place in the world of Scandinavian pop music. Her live performances are always highly energetic and engaging affairs that never fail to captivate audiences. Whether you're looking for something mellow or more upbeat, Ida Coen has something for everyone.