Artist verifiedIllenium

Illenium is an American alternative EDM producer/DJ with a progressive crossover sound, his 2017 debut album “Ashes” showcased the artists versatility and musical expression, he continues to push musical boundaries.



The electronic producer/DJ Illenium presents his progressive, alternative style of EDM, not afraid to venture outside the box, the experimental producer has also fused elements of pop, punk & hip-hop. The visionary creative was born in Chicago as Nick Miller, growing up his family moved around a lot, even to France, though it was San Francisco they resided in the longest, he sees it as his hometown. Currently he resides in Denver. With a wide range of influences, his parents listened to Country & Rock music, he himself was impressed with artists such as the Red-Hot Chilli Peppers & Little Wayne. As a young adult he had a rebellious streak. From the age of 17-21 he frequently partied and messed around with drugs. Guitar became his first instrument and then piano to help with production. It was after seeing a Bassnectar show in 2013 that he decided music would now be his path. By 2013 he attended Music college determined to attain more technical music skills, by the end of the year he had released his first EP. From there his open-mindedness and creativity pushed him to another level, productions began to flow into various singles and remixes. By 2016 “Ashes” became his debut album and quickly boosted his following. It was in the year 2018 Illenium released the track “Take you down” the song was his testament to the heroin overdose he had in 2012. The song went on to inspire many of his fans. With four studio albums under his belt, (Ashes, Awake, Ascend & Fallen Embers) he also put out three remix albums and a selection of singles. Illenium’s insight with music is to express stories through music, he sees music to express life and its challenges, “reflection of self through music” He continues to inspire his fans.