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The talented pop singer became Korea’s first individual Youtuber to reach 10 million subscribers with her channel.

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Summary J.Fla is a Pop singer/songwriter, composer & musician from South Korea who sealed her fame with her YouTube channel singing popular music cover hit songs. The compelling singer is known for her appealing voice and wide vocal range, leading her to secure millions of subscribers on her YouTube channel. Early Days J.Fla’s real name is Kim Jung Hwa, and she was born in Seoul, South Korea. From an early age, music had always been close to her heart. As time went by and she reached adulthood, her confidence grew, and Kim Jung decided she wanted to pursue a music career. Career J.Fla signed a contract with Sony Music Japan as a songwriter for the Korean & Japanese markets. One of the artists she wrote for was the singer Yuna Ito. Songwriters record demos to present their written songs. When people in the industry heard Kim Jung’s demos, they suggested that she should consider singing English cover songs. Impressed with singers like Amy Winehouse, Abba, and Corinne Baily Rae, she set up her YouTube channel “JFlaMusic” and began recording and uploading international cover songs. Her first music upload was Beyonce’s “Halo”, which up until this date has received over 10 million views. Since then, she has covered Jessie J’s Price Tag, Adele’s someone like you, and Bruno Mars. It will rain, to name a few. By 2013 she released her debut EP “Stupid Story” and, by 2016, signed a contract with “Ostereo Records”, a UK-based record label. The following year J.Fla released her debut album “Blossom” Forward to today, J.Fla is catching the eye of the American market.