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To date, the artist has released three albums. “Kidd Keo” is his debut album with 54 songs. “Keoland” his 2018 release, and “Back to Rockport” his latest 2020 25-track album.

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Kidd Keo, one of Spain’s most popular Trap rappers, the versatile artist, demonstrates his unique style through language, bi-lingual the rapper interweaves Spanish & English throughout his songs which adds a bonus to his craft. Early days Born in Alicante Spain, his real name is Padua Keoma Salas Sanchez. Traveling from a young age, he would go to Canada as some of his family members emigrated there. While in Canada, it opened his ears to hip-hop, one of his influencers being fifty Cent. At thirteen, he launched himself into the rap game and began his lyrical content. By seventeen, he relocated to Paris, France, and stayed there for a while. His Parisian friends were also into making music. He found that living in France opened him up to a mixture of genres. Inspired by artists such as Yung Sarria, a Colombian artist, and Grenada’s Dellafuente. Career At the start of his musical journey, he would rap in English. Realizing it wouldn’t work with a Spanish audience, he switched over to Spanish. In 2015/2016, he started uploading songs onto social media and quickly gained a following. Still, with the desire to rap in English, he combined both languages. “Okay, & Dirty” were the tracks that helped the rapper gain traction. To this date, both songs have fallen into millions of views. Kidd Keo has a hardcore presence, not afraid to speak his mind. He doesn’t restrict himself with words. The rapper also directs all his videos. His latest album “Back to Rockport” was released in 2020