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Lim Hyeong Bin is a South Korean singer-songwriter and producer.

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Lim Hyeong Bin: South Korean Singer & Songwriter Lim Hyeong Bin is a South Korean singer, songwriter and producer. He was born on November 30th, 1990 in Seoul, South Korea. Lim Hyeong Bin has been active as a musician since 2009, when he debuted as a solo artist with the mini-album 'The Last Wish'. Since then, he has released several singles, EPs and albums, including 'Luxury', 'Yours Truly', 'The Red' and '7th Sense'. He has also collaborated with many other artists, including Noah Kahan and Selena Gomez. Early Life & Musical Career Lim Hyeong Bin was born in Seoul, South Korea on November 30th, 1990. His parents were both musicians and encouraged him to pursue a career in music. After graduating from high school, Lim Hyeong Bin enrolled in Seoul National University to study Musicology. During this time, he signed with the record label JYP Entertainment and released his debut album 'The Last Wish' in 2009. Success & Popularity Lim Hyeong Bin's popularity began to rise after the success of his second album 'Luxury', which was released in 2012. The album spawned several hit singles, including 'Love Me' and 'Eyes Open'. The album was a commercial success, reaching #1 on the South Korean music charts. Following this success, Lim Hyeong Bin continued to release music regularly, including the albums 'Yours Truly' (2014), 'The Red' (2016) and '7th Sense' (2018). Collaborations In addition to his solo work, Lim Hyeong Bin has also collaborated with several other artists over the years. These collaborations include Noah Kahan for the single 'Hold On', Selena Gomez for the single 'Falling For You' and Jessi for the single 'My Type'. Through these collaborations, he has been able to reach a wider audience and grow his fan base. Personal Life Not much is known about Lim Hyeong Bin's personal life. He has not revealed any details about his relationship status or any other personal matters. He is known to be a very private person and prefers to keep his life out of the public spotlight. Despite this privacy, he continues to be an active presence in the music industry.