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The Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar: Los Romeros!

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The Legacy of Los Romeros Los Romeros is a family of guitarists from Granada, Spain who have been performing since the 1950s. The family is comprised of patriarch Celino Romero and his four sons: Pepe, Celin, Angel, and Lito. All five family members are accomplished classical guitarists and have been dubbed “The Royal Family of the Spanish Guitar” by music critics. Early Years Celino Romero started teaching his sons to play the guitar in the 1950s. He encouraged them to learn traditional Spanish flamenco rhythms as well as classical compositions. By 1960, they had formed the Los Romeros quartet and began performing in Europe. They released their first album in 1962 and by 1965, they were performing in major venues all over Europe. International Acclaim In 1967, the Los Romeros quartet made their first tour of North America, performing at Carnegie Hall and other major concert halls in the United States and Canada. Since then, they have toured all over the world and performed with some of the most renowned musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma, John Williams, Julian Bream, and Victoria de los Angeles. The quartet also played for Pope John Paul II during his visit to Spain in 1982. Awards & Recognitions The Los Romeros quartet has won numerous awards throughout their career including two Grammy Awards for Best Classical Performance (1981 & 1988). In 2008, they were awarded a Medal of Merit from their hometown of Granada for their contribution to music. In 2011, they were inducted into the Latin Music Hall of Fame. Current Projects The Los Romeros family continues to perform together as a quartet despite being in their 80s. They are currently touring Europe and North America, showcasing their unique style of classical guitar performance. They also continue to record new albums featuring collaborations with other artists.