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Lum!x is an emerging young Electronic producer/DJ who quickly gained success with the song "The Monster," it was a massive hit and paved the way for the artist on the dance circuit.

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Early Years Born in Rohrbach, Austria, in 2002, the DJ's real name is Luca Michlmayr. Music took a firm hold within the family home, and as a youngster, Luca received an array of music CDs as gifts from his parents. Aged eleven, he was interested in the sounds of electronic dance music. He obtained music production & DJ software and trained himself in both musical elements. Over the next few years, as his technique grew, the more technical skills he accomplished, the more he pushed his musical abilities. The producer's alias came from his name's first and last letters. SoundCloud was the platform on which he placed his songs. While there, they gained attention from a production company named "Bounce United," they were dedicated to showcasing the best of emerging electronic artists. In 2017, he released "Elements", his debut single; he followed the 2018 tracks, "Bounce United 700k & Bounce United 1 million with Helion & Mike Emilio. Musical Journey/Career Collaborating with MOHA on the song "Underground," they teamed up again with "Waiting for me." By 2019, the D.J./producer worked with the Dutch label "Spinnin Records," a company he admired. After teaming up with Italian Producer/DJ Gabry Ponte in 2019, they produced "The monster," which was the single that established his credibility on the electronic dance circuit. The song Peaked on the mainstream charts of five European countries; the highest-ranking was Germany, where it reached number 20 on the GfK charts. To date, the song has received 200 million listening views on Spotify. Uniting with Ponte, they returned the following year with the single "The Passenger-LaLaLa" with Mokaby & D.T.E. Over the next few years, Lum!x released seven more singles featuring various artists. In 2021, Lum!x collaborated with Austrian singer Pia Maria; the single recorded was "Halo" It obtained 20th position on Austria's mainstream charts and became the song that represented Austria in the 66th European song contest.