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Mabel South is an upcoming artist pushing the boundaries of modern music.

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Who Is Mabel South? Mabel South is an up and coming artist who has been pushing the boundaries of modern music. They don’t have any formal training in music production or engineering, but they have a unique sound that is quickly gaining recognition. Their songs are often described as eerie, intense, and full of emotion. Mabel South is a self-taught producer and has been working on their craft for a few years now. What Is The Music Of Mabel South Like? The music of Mabel South is best described as ambient electronic music with elements of darkwave, experimental, and trip-hop. They often incorporate field recordings into their songs to create a unique atmosphere. The mood of their music is often melancholic and haunting, yet still beautiful and captivating. The production quality of their music is also quite impressive and they show great attention to detail when crafting each track. What Is The Story Behind Mabel South? The story behind Mabel South is an interesting one. They started making music without any formal training or experience in production or engineering. Despite this, they quickly developed their sound and have since garnered a strong following for their unique brand of music. They have released several albums, EPs, and singles that have all been well received by listeners around the world. Where Can I Hear More Of Mabel South’s Music? The best place to hear more of Mabel South’s music is on their official website. Here you can find all of their latest releases as well as some older tracks that are still available for streaming. They also have a presence on various streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp where you can purchase their music as well. Additionally, they often post new tracks to their social media accounts so be sure to check those out too! Final Thoughts On Mabel South Mabel South is an incredibly talented artist who has managed to carve out a unique sound despite having no formal training in music production or engineering. Their music is dark and brooding yet still beautiful in its own right. If you are looking for something different then definitely give them a listen!.