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Singer, songwriter & producer Maria Graña is a Chilean powerhouse. Her albums have taken Latin America by storm.

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Maria Graña: Biography & Music Career María Angélica Graña (born 1966) is a Chilean singer, songwriter and producer. As a solo artist, she has released three studio albums in Latin America while collaborating with other renowned artists. Her music is a mix of Latin American genres such as Cumbia, Huayno and Afrobeat.<br><br>Graña was born in 1966 in Santiago, Chile. She studied engineering at the University of Chile and pursued a career in music after studying guitar, voice and composition. In 1992, she began performing as a solo artist in Santiago’s clubs and bars.<br><br>In 2002, she released her debut album “Cantos de Amor y Desamor”, which featured songs such as “El Vuelo” and “Uno Mismo”. The album quickly gained popularity in Latin America and received critical acclaim.<br><br>Notable Collaborations & Albums Graña has collaborated with other Latin American artists such as Mon Laferte, Carla Morrison and Chico Trujillo. In 2008, she released her second album “Porque El Amor Manda” which included songs such as “Tu Corazón” and “Vuelta En Un Beso”. The album was certified gold in Chile.<br><br>In 2016, she released her third album “Corazón Salvaje” which featured songs such as “Puedes Llegar” and “Soy Tu Droga”. The album was certified gold in Peru and reached the top 10 of the Billboard Latin Albums chart.<br><br>In addition to her career as a solo artist, Graña also works as a producer for other artists. She has produced albums for artists such as Carla Morrison, Miranda! and Dënver. She also works as a vocal coach for emerging talent in Chile.<br><br>Awards & Recognition Graña has been nominated for several awards including the Latin Grammy Awards (Best Alternative Music Album) and the Premio Nuestra Tierra (Best Traditional Artist). She has also been recognized by several magazines such as Rolling Stone (10 Best Chilean Bands) and Glamour (10 Female Artists You Should Know).<br><br>In 2019, she received the Altazor Award for Best Musical Production for her work on Carla Morrison's album “Amor Supremo”. She also received the National Music Award from the Chilean government.