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From Spain to the world, Miguel Bosé is a celebrated singer, songwriter, and actor.

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Biography of Miguel Bosé Miguel Bosé is a Spanish singer, songwriter and actor who has released more than 20 albums throughout his career. He was born on April 3rd, 1956 in Panama City, Panama to Italian actress Lucia Bosè and Spanish bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín. His parents separated when he was 3 years old and he moved with his mother to Madrid. He has four siblings: Lucia, Tana, Paola and Marta. He started singing in the mid-1970s with his first single "No Vayas A Cayey" and released his first album "Miguel" in 1978. As an actor, he starred in the 1981 film "Atreverse" and had small roles in other movies such as "Perfume de Mujer" (1992).Musical Career Miguel Bosé is one of the most successful Latin American singers of all time with over 20 studio albums released throughout his career. His music has been praised for its mix of Latin rhythms and rock-inspired sounds. He has collaborated with other artists such as Paulina Rubio, Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, and Ricky Martin. He is also known for writing socially conscious lyrics that address a variety of issues such as poverty, corruption, and homophobia. Some of his most popular songs include "Amante Bandido" (1984), "Bambú" (1989), "Morena Mía" (1995), and "Linda" (2006).Acting Career In addition to his musical career, Miguel Bosé has also pursued an acting career since the 1980s. He made his film debut in the 1981 comedy-drama "Atreverse". His other film credits include "Perfume De Mujer" (1992) and "The Man Who Copied" (2003). He has also had guest appearances on TV series such as "Callejón de los Milagros" (1996) and "The Simpsons" (2002).Philanthropy In addition to his musical and acting endeavors, Miguel Bosé is also heavily involved in philanthropic work. He has participated in various charity events throughout his career such as concerts to benefit victims of natural disasters. He is also a staunch supporter of LGBT rights and often speaks out against discrimination. In 2011, he was honored with the Gold Medal from the Spanish Royal Academy for his contribution to society.Personal Life Miguel Bosé has been married twice; firstly to Venezuelan actress María José Cantudo from 1985-1992 and then to Argentine journalist-producer Nacho Palau from 1997-2015. He has three children: Ivo, Telmo, and Diego.