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The singer is the most popular Chilian artist on Spotify worldwide and has over 6 million monthly listeners.

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Mon Laferte is a Chilian singer who refuses to be typecast in one genre. With a smooth and infectious voice, the singer firmly stands her ground on voicing her support for various social justice issues. Early Days Born as Norma Monserrat Bustamante Laferte, she was born in Vina del Mar, Chile. Growing up in a household of females, with mum, grandmother, and sister, they faced many of life’s challenges. Nine-year-old Norma was captivated by the sound of Bolero love songs. She performed at a school singing competition and became enchanted by the feeling it gave her. Later as she grew, her confidence rose too, and she traveled back and forth to the city of Valparaiso, where she regularly busked on the streets. Career In 2003, she took part in Chiles famous entertainment TV show “Rojo Fama contrafama” she didn’t win, but the show opened doors for her, and she recorded her first album, “La chica de Roja,” which gained massive success in the country. After singing covers for a while, she was keen to work on her material. In 2007, she moved alone to Mexico. With no friends or connections in the country, she went back to busking on the streets. While at home she began recording songs and uploading them to social media. In 2009 she was given devastating news when diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It automatically puts a stop to her music for a while. Two years later, she came back with her second album, “Desechable” her sound had moved to rock/pop, and Mon fronted the metal band “Mystica Girls,” whom she stayed for three years. After moving back to her solo career, she self-released “Mon Laferte vol:1” the album landed her a label deal and earned her a Latin Grammy nomination for “best alternative music album”. In 2017, Mon Laferte received four Latin Grammy nominations for the album “La Trenza” and won “best alternative song for the track “Amarrame.” Dubbed by some as Latin Americas Amy Winehouse, she has toured North America, performed at Coachella, and continues to speak up for social justice rights. She is a singer who exposes her authenticity through music.