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Morgenshtern’s highest reaching single was the song “Cadillac” which reached the no:1 spot in the Russian Charts.

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Summary Morgenshtern is a Russian rapper, songwriter & producer. Adventurous, the entertaining artist has courageously culminated his career. “If something works, he’s happy. If it doesn’t, he’s cool with it”. Morgenshtern has conquered a massive following with his light-hearted music & videos. Awe-inspiring, the self-marketer knew exactly what was needed at every stage of his career. Early Years Alisher Tagirovich Morgenshtern was born in Ufa, in the capital of Bashkortostan. As he matured, he had a high interest in music, and rock music became his thing. “MMD Crew” became the name of his rock group, and he began uploading their music to his YouTube channel. Their sound didn’t come to fruition, and they dismantled it. For his next idea, he created a project called “Easy Rap” to describe how to create songs like Russian Rappers. While at university, he continued making YouTube videos, one of which became controversial, which caused the rapper to lose his place at university. Summary As his YouTube channel steadily rose, he quit uploading the content he was presenting and uploaded his solo music instead. The rapper moved to Moscow, and from there, he released his album “Legendary Dust” and uploaded it to Russia’s social media platform “Vkontakte”. The album soon gathered thousands of views. His next album, “Zelynoglaziye,” gained even more momentum, and was catapulted into Russia’s hemisphere of listeners, becoming famous in Russian households. Morgenshtern makes high-quality videos with feature film looks and is thoroughly entertaining. The rapper has become one of Russia’s highest music earners. His artistry has been controversial at times, but he stays true to himself, which is one reason he has such a large fan base.