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Mosn, a 26 years old hip-hop and rap artist from the United States.

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Who is Mosn? Mosn is an American hip-hop and rap artist from the United States. He was born in 1994 and raised in Los Angeles, California. He began his career in music in his early teens, releasing his first track in 2012. Since then, he has released numerous tracks and has become an established artist in the hip-hop industry. He is best known for his unique blend of conscious lyrics and gritty production. Style and Influences Mosn's style of music is heavily influenced by classic rap and hip-hop artists such as Nas, Biggie Smalls, and Tupac Shakur. His music is often characterized by thoughtful lyrics, spiritual messages, and raw production. He has been praised for his lyrical depth and ability to articulate complex ideas in a straightforward manner. Notable Achievements Mosn has achieved a great deal of success in the hip-hop community. His tracks have been featured on numerous hip-hop blogs and radio stations throughout the US. He has also garnered attention from major labels such as Def Jam Records and Interscope Records. Mosn has even been featured on a few compilation albums alongside some of the top artists in the industry. Discography Mosn has released several projects throughout his career. His debut mixtape 'The Lyrical King' was released in 2014 to critical acclaim. The mixtape featured several up-tempo tracks as well as some slower, more introspective cuts. His second project 'The Mind State' was released in 2016 and featured more introspective themes and deeper production. His latest project 'The Dark Age' was released in 2018 and features some of his most powerful lyrics to date. Musical Collaborations Mosn has collaborated with several notable artists throughout his career. He has worked with producer DJ Premier on a few tracks as well as fellow rappers Bizzy Bone and Talib Kweli. He has also collaborated with singer/songwriter John Legend on a few tracks as well as producer Just Blaze.