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Lauryn Hill is a singer/rapper and actress renowned as one of America's greatest female rappers.

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Ms. Lauryn Hill


A socially conscious woman who has spoken up on many issues, Lauryn Hill has earned a reputation as a motivational artist. Early Days Born in South Orange, New Jersey, her father was a singer, and her mother played the piano; naturally, Lauryn gravitated toward music. A confident singer with a unique tone, she performed at the amateur night of “Showtime at the Apollo.” While in high school, she met a high-school student looking for two female singers to work alongside his music. Prakazrel Samuel Michel, aka “Praz,” found Lauryn and Marci, and together they made appearances at various high school performances. One day, Praz and Lauryn were recording in the studio when Wyclef Jean came over; he added some vocals to the track, which became the start of the trio’s connection. Not long after, “The Fugees” was formed. Career Hip-hop was huge on the East & West Coast, and many rappers had come and made their mark. At that time, any artist in the hip-hop world had to offer something fresh to stand out, “The Fugees” had a unique, versatile sound; their influences came from hip-hop and Jazz. In 1993, they signed to “Ruffhouse Records” and released their debut album “Blunted on Reality.” As their popularity grew, their gigs expanded, and the group secured a fanbase. In 1996 they released the album “The Score,” which automatically debuted at the no1 spot on the Billboard charts. The singles “Killing me Softly & Ready or Not” also reached the no1 spot. The band received a host of awards, including two Grammys. After their last album in 1997, the group went their separate ways. Lauryn began working on new material and, in 1998, released her debut solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” a 16-track album that featured Santana, Mary J Blige, and D’Angelo. It topped the Billboard charts, hitting the top spot. The album received ten nominations at the 41st Grammy awards show, and Lauryn won 5 Grammy awards. As a female solo singer and rapper, she hit new heights and accomplished a feat that no other female rapper/singer had ever accomplished. After releasing one more album, “MTV unplugged no2”, Lauryn Hill was dissatisfied with the treatment of women within the industry and decided to drop out while at the top of her game.