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Pabllo Vittar has made various cameo appearances in many Brazilian shows & series such as “Vai que cola, A forca de querer and Super Drags”.

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Pabllo Vittar is a Brazilian Drag Queen and Pop & Electronic artist who uses his platform to raise awareness for the LGBT community. Pabllo has become one of the most popular Drag Queens on social media. Early Days Born as Phabullo Rodrigues da Silva, he was born in Sao Luis, with a twin and older sister. Their single mother raised them. At 15, he confirmed he was gay to his mother. She was supportive and vowed to stand by him. As a youngster, he joined a church choir, and as a young adult, he took joy in singing and writing songs. It became his release. Later he began to perform covers around various places, and around the age of 17, he took on the dress code of femininity. His first Drag performance was at the club Belgrano, and from there, he performed at various LGBT events. The majority of his performances were in Uberlândia Minas Gerais, in the South of Brazil. Around that time, he took on the new name "Pablo Vittar." Career Pabllo's influences came from America's divas, such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston & Beyonce. It was Ru Paul who became his biggest Drag Queen inspiration. Comfortable singing covers, it was in 2014 that Pabllo uploaded to YouTube the cover of Whitney's "I have nothing" his version went viral and that became the moment his career catapulted. Following on from there, he released "Open bar," a cover of "Major Lazer," and in 2017, put out his debut album "Vai Passar Ma," which had a string of successful singles. The singer has recorded with some of Latin America's most prominent female singers such as Brazils "Anitta" and Mexico's "Thaila." In 2018 he was nominated for best Brazilian act at the MTV Awards. and the following year received a nomination for "Sua Cara at the Latin Grammy Awards.