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Pamungkas is an all-rounder, who takes on all aspects of his career from singing, producing music, mastering his productions, and designing his artwork.

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Pamungkas is a singer/songwriter & producer from Jakarta, Indonesia. His style is a combination of pop/folk and electronic music. Currently, he has over 4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Pamungkas discovered he was partially deaf in one ear, but that didn’t stop him from working with music, he strived harder to pursue his ambition, and music became his therapeutic source. Early Days His introduction to music started with the drums, and the youngster took drum lessons at the age of eight. Pamungkas didn’t stay with the instrument but followed on with two more instruments, the guitar, and the piano. As time grew, he became a self-taught musician and naturally transpired towards singing. Music influences With a liking to the British music scene, his inspirations were The Beatles, Radiohead, The Smiths, and Arctic Monkeys. In addition, he was motivated by songwriters such as John Mayer and Sondre Lerche. Electronic music also appealed to Pamungkas, and he became stimulated by a variety of EDM artists. Career Pamungkas’s father was the owner of an artist management company called Oxygen Entertainment. He allowed his son to join as a crew member, which allowed him to understand the technical aspects of behind the scene. Around 2009, he joined his brother’s 6-piece band, and while with them he was able to showcase his gift of songwriting. Music production came next, and that was where his solo journey began. Pitched by a few labels, he decided to start his own called “Maspam Records”, which allowed him to have a hand in all avenues of his work. His first album, “walk the talk,” was followed up with another four albums, his latest album being Solipsism 0.2 in 2021. Pamungkas has performed at festivals such as “we the fest”. The artist continues to work on his craft, as well as to work with other artists.