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Who is Pascal Dior? Pascal Dior is a multi-talented musician, songwriter and producer from France. He has been making music since the age of 17, when he first discovered his love for playing the guitar. In the early years of his career, he was known as part of the French pop and rock scene, playing in various bands and venues around Paris. Career & Music In recent years, Pascal has been focusing on his solo career, releasing several singles and EPs that have gained traction on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. His sound has often been described as a mix of indie-pop and electronic elements, combining lush synths with acoustic instrumentation. He is also an active collaborator and has worked with other artists from around Europe in both live and studio settings. Notable Work Pascal's debut album 'Life Is Strange' was released in 2017, with tracks like 'Don't Tell Me' and 'Stay With Me' quickly becoming fan favorites. Following this success, he released several more singles, such as 'It's Not Over Yet' and 'Dancing in the Rain'. His most recent release, an EP titled 'Lost in Paradise', was released in 2019 to critical acclaim. Live Performances As well as studio recordings, Pascal is an experienced live performer. He has played at some of France's biggest festivals over the years, including We Love Green and La Route du Rock. He has also performed abroad in countries like Belgium and the UK. He is currently planning to tour Europe in support of his new EP later this year. Influences Pascal's influences range from classic rock and pop to modern electronic music. He cites artists like Pink Floyd, Daft Punk, Bon Iver and The Beatles as major inspirations for his sound. He is also known to experiment with different styles and genres, often taking elements from different music cultures to create something unique. Conclusion Pascal Dior is one of France's most talented new artists. His blend of indie-pop and electronic elements create a sound that sets him apart from other musicians in the scene. With an ever-growing fanbase and an impressive live show to back it up, Pascal has established himself as one of the country's most promising acts.