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R Nait is an Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter and actor with a successful career.

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Who is R Nait? R Nait is an Indian Punjabi singer, songwriter and actor from Punjab, India. He has been active in the Punjabi music industry since 2012 and is best known for his bhangra-style singing. His real name is Ranjit Singh and he was born in 1983 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Early Life R Nait was born into a family of musicians and started singing at a very young age. While growing up, he was heavily influenced by the folk music of his region. During his childhood, he received vocal training from his father, who was also a musician. He was also highly inspired by the work of renowned Punjabi singers like Gurdas Maan and Surinder Shinda. Career Beginnings R Nait started his musical career in 2012 with the release of his debut single 'Tere Town De' which went on to become a huge hit. Since then, he has released multiple popular singles like 'Attwadi Kaun', 'Khadke Glassy', 'Suit Punjabi', 'Dabda Kithe Aa' and many more. His songs are known for their catchy beats and meaningful lyrics. Success Story R Nait has had major success in the Punjabi music industry with several of his songs becoming chart toppers. His collaboration with fellow singer Gurlez Akhtar titled 'Chandigarh Waliye' was a huge hit and topped the music charts for weeks. He has also collaborated with artists like Karam Bajwa, Himanshi Khurana and many others. In addition to singing, R Nait has also acted in some Punjabi films such as 'Lukan Michi' and 'Guddiyan Patole'.Awards & Achievements R Nait has won multiple awards for his contribution to the Punjabi music industry including the PTC Music Award for Best Non-Resident Punjabi Singer (2013) and Song of the Year (2018). He has also won multiple PTC Awards for Best Singer (Male), Best Duet singer (Male) and Best Bhangra Song.Personal Life R Nait is currently married to a fellow singer named Jasmine Kaur. The couple has two children together. In addition to music, R Nait is also an avid sports enthusiast and enjoys playing football. He also enjoys travelling to new places.