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Salem Ilese is a pop singer/songwriter whose music is upbeat and catchy. As a songwriter, she stands out for her bold and unique interpretations of various topics.

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Early Years Salem was born in Mill Valley, California, in a house filled with music. Having started singing at the age of four, her parents recognized and supported her love of music. Later the family moved to Boston, and by twelve, she joined a songwriting camp. The group leader was Bonnie Hayes, also head of the songwriting department at 'Berklee College of Music". Salem learned the message, "never be afraid to express yourself with words." Her musical influences came from David Bowie, The Killers, and Norah Jones. Keen to advance her songwriting skills, she enrolled at BCM, during which time she created a band and met Bendik Møller, a producer and her current boyfriend. After spending two years in college, she dropped out and moved to Los Angeles. She was confident; she wanted to sing and write for others. When she arrived in LA, she began networking and writing for various singers. Simultaneously, she worked on her collaborative project with Bendik. In 2018, Salem worked with Bendik to develop an upbeat style, and in 2019 released her debut EP "757." The following year she wrote "Mad at Disney" the song expresses that "(real-life romance is different to what's in the movies)." Around the same time, she was offered a deal with the label "10K Projects/Homemade Projects." In conjunction with the song, she made a video challenge for the platform, and the song blew up and went viral. Her next track was "Coke & Mentos," and in 2021, Salem released her second EP, "(L)only Child." As a new pop artist, she continues to develop new material, and her latest EP is titled "Unsponsored Content" and features the song that elevated her career, "Mad at Disney."