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Sasha Sloan is an American Indie/Pop artist who began her career as a songwriter; and co-wrote for some of America's most prominent singers, such as John Legend and Katy Perry.

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Sasha Alex Sloan


Born Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko in South Boston, Massachusetts, she is of Russian & Irish heritage. As a young single child, she connected to music and taught herself to play the piano. As the years passed, she combined it with singing and writing. As her mum observed her talent, she bought Sasha a computer and installed Garageband for her to record songs, and by the age of 14, she began performing at open mic nights. Music was a massive part of her life. At 18, Sasha was unsure if she would make it in the industry because of her lack of contacts. Gaining an entry as a freshman at Berkeley College of Music, she studied Jazz and the music business. One year later, a stroke of luck occurred. Outside the family home, the walls were refreshed with paint; in large letters, the word "Dork" was painted outside Sasha's bedroom. A big Reddit fan, she uploaded it to the website, and the following day, the photo was on the front page of the site. She followed it through by posting a link to her SoundCloud, and within weeks, she was contacted by "Warner Chappell Music" who offered her a publishing deal. Moving to LA, she worked a regular job for a while. Eventually, her co-writing sessions increased, and she worked with artists such as Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, and co-wrote "Never be the same" with Camila Cabello, which peaked at no:6 on the Billboard charts. As Sasha worked with female artists, she gained more confidence and set in motion her own material. Signing with "RCA Records," she released her debut EP, "Sad Girl," her songs display her gift for emotive songwriting. Dealing with depression and anxiety, Sasha is an expressive songwriter who pours her feelings through music. Her debut album "Only Child" was released in 2020, and she followed through with "I blame the world" in March 2022.