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Who Is TAL BANDA? TAL BANDA is a Chilean artist that began producing music in 2017. With a mixture of hip-hop, trap, and Latin vibes, this artist has quickly become one of the most promising names in South America. He has released two EPs so far, each with their own unique energy and style. His music is characterized by energetic beats and captivating lyrics that speak about his personal experiences. Early Life & Career TAL BANDA was born in Santiago, Chile. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by hip-hop and trap music. He began producing music at the age of 16 and quickly developed a style of his own. He released his first EP in 2017, titled “Trapalí”. His second EP, “La Vida Loca” was released in 2018 and received widespread acclaim from critics and fans alike. Discography TAL BANDA has released two EPs so far: “Trapalí” (2017) and “La Vida Loca” (2018). His debut EP featured the hit single “Climax” which was praised for its hard-hitting beat and catchy chorus. His second EP was marked by more personal lyrics and introspective production. Social Media Presence TAL BANDA has an active presence on social media. He frequently updates his Instagram page with photos of himself in the studio or performing live shows. He also interacts with fans on Twitter and shares snippets of his upcoming work. His YouTube channel has over 100K subscribers who follow him for new releases as well as behind-the-scenes videos of his creative process. Legacy Only time will tell what the future holds for TAL BANDA, but one thing is certain: he is an artist to watch out for. With his unique sound, captivating lyrics, and magnetic personality, this Chilean artist has quickly gained recognition around the world and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.