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YOetc is a multi-talented artist emerging from the Los Angeles music scene. Tune in to her journey!

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From Los Angeles to the World: YOetc's Story YOetc is an up-and-coming artist, songwriter and producer hailing from Los Angeles, California. Born Netta Brielle Glaser in 1995, YOetc has been making music since her teenage years. The multi-talented artist released her first single, “Making Me High” in 2017. Since then she has gone on to collaborate with some of the biggest names in music, such as G-Eazy, Timbaland, Tory Lanez, Alicia Keys and Miguel. YOetc's Music: A Reflection of Her Talents YOetc’s music is a reflection of her diverse talents and influences. Her sound is a mix of R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop with a unique twist that makes her stand out from the crowd. Her lyrical content often touches on themes of love, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. In 2018 she released her debut EP “The Come Up” to critical acclaim. The project featured the hit single “Something About You” that quickly became a fan favorite. Collaborations with Music Icons In 2020 YOetc collaborated with G-Eazy on his single “Still Be Friends” which quickly became a hit and earned her more recognition in the music industry. She has also worked with other notable artists such as Timbaland, Tory Lanez, Alicia Keys and Miguel. Her collaborations have helped her gain more fans and followers all over the world. YOetc's Impact on Music Today As an independent artist YOetc has made waves in the music industry by producing high quality music without the help of major labels or other industry professionals. She has proven that hard work and dedication can go a long way in achieving success in the music scene. YOetc has become an inspiration to other young artists who strive to make it big without compromising their artistry or creativity. With every new release YOetc continues to push boundaries and create unique sounds that captivate audiences all over the world.