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Zoe Wees is a pop singer/songwriter whose powerful & captivating voice radiates heartfelt lyrics. As a writer, her songs narrate real-life issues relatable to many.

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Zoe Wees


Early Years The singer was born in Hamburg, Germany, and as a child, was diagnosed with Rolandic epilepsy. The condition's symptoms caused her to suffer from anxiety, and music became the tool that soothed her battles. Artists like Miley Cyrus inspired her; her most significant influence was Jessie J. As a German citizen, she speaks perfect English; she studied the language while in school and refined it by listening to music. From writing poems, she moved to songs, which became her way of expressing her feelings. While in high school, her music teacher glimpsed Zoe's talent, and they began working together; Zoe gained immense confidence; as the teacher was very supportive. By age fifteen, she created a Youtube channel and uploaded cover songs; later, she auditioned on "The Voice Kids" show, presenting her vocal ability with Jessie J's "Get away." She was accepted by two judges, earning her a place on the show. Musical Journey/Career In 2020 she released the song "Control," a tale of anxiety; since the single came out, it has reached 62 million views on YouTube; her next track was "Ghost," released through Capitol Records. Raised by her single mother, she taught her the importance of determination and never giving up. The other strong women in her life were her aunt and grandmother. "Golden Wings" is Zoe's debut EP, "Hold me like you used to" is a song on the album dedicated to her grandmother, who passed away and with whom Zoe shared a strong connection. "Girls Like Us," a song dedicated to girls, gives them the message of "Be proud of who you are, precisely as you are." With collaborations with Muna and Tom Walker, Zoe has also appeared on the "The Late Show" with James Corden.