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Ashnikko’s exclusive fashion style blends soundly with her look. Her style is a combination of a British, hip fashionista merged with a futuristic avatar.

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Ashnikko is an American alternative music artist based in Europe who subtly mingles her fusion of sounds, "electronic, hip-hop, indie and pop". Steadily climbing, the singer/rapper is cementing her exclusivity alongside her futuristic style. Early Days Born as Ashton Nicole Casey in Oak Ridge, North Carolina, her parents' house would release country & rock music sounds. As a teenager, her ears became exposed to hip-hop, intrigued by rap music. It stirred her to put pen to paper and write poems and rap lyrics. There was a time when the only music she would listen to were women singers. She was inspired by powerful women. Excited by artists with distinctive qualities, her inspirations came from artists such as the Sri-Lankan British rapper, M.I.A and the confident Gwen Stefani. In Aston's teenage years, her family immigrated to Europe and lived in Estonia and Latvia. At the age of eighteen, she informed her parents she was moving to London. Career After moving to London, she needed to connect with musicians, but it took time to find her way around and settle in the country. Eventually, she gained many friends, all of whom happened to be musicians. The songwriter was motivated by the London music scene with its diverse range of music. She found it exciting and motivational. As she named herself Ashnikko, her unique style emerged, an amalgamation of her favorite genres. In 2016 she released her debut EP "Krokodil", produced by Raf Riley. This quickly led to the release of her single "Stupid" which gained the no:1 position on the "Billboard Bubbling under the hot 100 charts" "Daisy" became the song that aided her to get noticed. The song earned its place in the UK charts. "DemiDevil" is Ashnikko's 2021 mix-tape; authentically written, she bares her truth and validates that fusion is cool.