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Blessd is a reggaeton artist who blew up when Maluma, one of Colombia's top singers, featured on his remix "Imposible" and invited him over to his house to film a video.

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Early Years Real name Stiven Mesa Londoño he was born in Medellin Colombia. As a teenager, he was interested in Reggaeton; his uncle, a rapper, taught him the fundamentals of freestyle rap. Working for his father, who sold fruit & vegetables, he used the money to buy candy and sell at school. One day, while selling to a classmate, they encouraged him to rap and gave him a music contact number. Discovering a link to a studio; with little money to his name, he took a step-by-step approach and recorded when he earned. With each song recorded, he began uploading, and before long, the song " Una" became a local hit and reached three million views on YouTube. As a result of the single's success, he performed in schools across Antioquia and would participate in freestyle battles in Bogota. Career Before long, he met his manager "Dr Velasquez "and was signed to JM World music and then Cigol. In 2020 he released around ten tracks, songs like "Confia en Mi, Morena, and Clandestino." His song "Viernes Social, "featuring reggaeton artists Alexis, Yomo, Amaro, and Xantos, was the song that gave him radio success in Colombia. "Imposible was Blessd's 2021 release, which caught the attention of Colombian singer Maluma who offered to jump on the remix; when the song was released, it became an instant hit and helped establish his position as a Reggaeton artist. As part of his collabs, he dropped "Dos Problemas," featuring Venezuelan rappers Big Soto & Neutro Shorty, alongside Puerto Ricos Javiielo