Artist Case: Lazer Boomerang

Imagine having your NFT release turning out to be a huge success, selling out lots of units within a couple of hours. Sounds great, right?

This was the story of Lazer Boomerang's first music NFT release on Pianity. Lazer Boomerang's NFT, Interstellarbecame a huge success both for the artist and his label, LIVANA MUSIC, resulting in a rapid sell-out of the 50% of the NFTs during the first week of the drop.

The secret sauce to this success story is very simple, and here's how to make it ⬇️

1. Create a unique digital collectible and tell its story

Lazer Boomerang and LIVANA MUSIC chose Pianity to create a one-of-a-kind NFT for their limited edition release “Interstellar,” with each edition giving access to a number of exclusive perks.

But there was not just that. The story of “Interstellar” was much more interesting, and Lazer Boomerang's team shared it with his audience — the deeper meaning behind the song, what inspired it, and why the artist decided to release it as a digital collectible. In other words, they created strong storytelling around the project.

Take a look at this post by LIVANA MUSIC:

Such strong storytelling rarely goes unnoticed. It strengthens the bond between the artist and their new audience and builds trust, which is crucial in every community. If your community can trust you, you are already halfway there.

Create a unique song, carefully set up your profile on Pianity, and be ready to communicate your ideas to your community.

2. Prepare your communication strategy

Don't underestimate the impact of an effective communication campaign.

Define your rollout timeline, and be ready to communicate your release to your community before, during, and after your song is out.

It’s very important to maintain a regular flow of communication over this period of time, and not just before the release to announce your release to raise engagement and create excitement around your project

To ensure the maximum reach for your NFT release, it's also crucial to decide on the right tools for promoting it. Your social media platforms, newsletters, and other promotional channels can all play a significant role in creating hype around your NFT release. We recommend keeping all your social media channels as active as possible and adapting your content to suit the audience on each platform.

Here are your ABCs of effective NFT release communication:

A) Educate your audience on NFTs

This is a key part of your communication campaign when you start, as your fans might not always be familiar with NFTs.

Don’t go into complicated technical details about blockchain, Web3, etc. What is more important is to clarify to your fans why you decided to make this NFT release, what interests you in this concept, what it can bring to your fans, and how it changes how they can consume your music, support you, etc.

For example, in your publications, you can accentuate the argument that collecting NFTs is a new way to collect and build your music library while directly supporting your favorite artist.

💡LIVANA MUSIC, Lazer Boomerang's record label, clearly communicated on the definition of NFTs on their Facebook and Instagram posts, letting his fans know about the emotional value of this new release and what they should expect from it:
B) Explain the perks of your NFT release to your audience

One way to add value to your NFT release is by offering exclusive perks that provide your audience with limited-edition content and unique experiences. For example, access to the artist's private Club on Pianity can increase the value of your NFT. However, it's essential to communicate these perks clearly to your audience, as it can significantly impact the success of your NFT release.

To effectively communicate the benefits of your NFT release to your audience, it's important to keep things simple and straightforward. By using clear language, you can clearly convey the advantages of acquiring your NFT.

This type of explanation enables your audience to easily understand the added value they will gain from owning your NFT, enhancing their motivation to support your release.

C) Reward your fans after the release

Rewarding your fans for their support is an essential part of building a strong community and fostering loyalty. Showing appreciation for their engagement with your NFT release can make them feel valued and invested in your future work. Consider ways to express your gratitude by engaging with your collectors, offering exclusive content such as unreleased songs, or even offering them your next song as a Bounty (free-to-claim NFT).

Additionally, creating a sense of exclusivity for NFT owners can encourage those who haven't yet bought your NFT to feel like they are missing out on something special. This can inspire them to take action and become part of the community that supports your work. Overall, showing appreciation for your audience and creating a sense of exclusivity for your NFT can help to build a strong and engaged fanbase.

3. Additional Tips

  • Use hashtags like #NFT #NFTs #musicNFT #NFTcollector #NFTcommunity #cryptoart #cryptoartist #NFTart to reach wider audiences and engage in conversations.
  • Alongside popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, explore and promote your release on Discord, one of the most popular social networks in the Web3 community. Join our vibrant community on Discord and build your audience.
  • Enhance collaboration with fellow artists, project partners (such as featured musicians, visual artists, and record labels), and other influencers. Encourage them to promote your NFT music on their pages or profiles to expand your reach beyond your existing community and tap into diverse audiences.
“Artists who actively communicate with their fans and involve themselves in the promotion of their own work are more likely to build a loyal fan base and achieve long-term success.” - Ryan Leslie, Grammy-nominated artist and entrepreneur.

💡Lazer Boomerang started his communication campaign almost 2 weeks before the release of “Interstellar.” He clearly communicated the release to his audience, shared Pianity's posts on his Stories, made co-posts with Pianity and with his label, and spread the word about the project.

Final Thoughts

The success story of Lazer Boomerang, along with numerous other thriving artists on Pianity, demonstrates that employing a comprehensive communication strategy – one that combines compelling storytelling and concise explanations – can unleash remarkable potential for your NFT release.