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From 2010 to 2017, Bruna Karla has received various trophies for best singer, best song, Best Video, alongside the prestigious Latin Grammy nominations.

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Bruna Karla


Summary Bruna Karla is a Brazilian gospel singer who sings in her native Portuguese language. In 2010 she was a Latin Grammy nominee for her album “Advogado Fiel”, The singer has over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and YouTube. Early Days Born in Rio de Janerio in the late 80s, Bruna came from an evangelical family who regularly attended church. Singing in a house of worship was the start of Bruna’s voyage into music. Her heart was in Christianity and music, and she realized pretty early that she wanted to combine the two for her career. Career After a meeting with the Brazilian singer Fernanda Brum, the famous singer was so impressed with Bruna’s vocal style that she introduced her to “MK Music”. She then recorded her debut album “Alegria Real” produced by Jairinho Manhaes, husband of the renowned singer Cassiane. The album helped to gain a following, and by 2002 she put out her second album titled “Siga em Frente”. “Vento de Espirito” was Bruna’s third album, and that was the album that assisted her in reaching 150,000 copies, becoming a certified gold LP. By the time of Bruna’s fifth album in 2010, it earned her a nomination at the Latin Grammy Awards. The album was titled “Advogado Diel”. Subsequently, she followed on with her first live recording album, which became a huge success.