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Cordae is a smart young rapper whose music is a blend of old & new. Wise beyond his years, he is a natural born lyricist, whose songs narrate his thoughts and feelings in a clever way/ speaking his words of truth.

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"All I can do is be myself unapologetically," Cordae. Early Days His real name is Cordae Amari Dunston; the rapper was born in North Carolina, and in fourth grade, the family repositioned to Suitland, Maryland. He was introduced to his old-school hip-hop by his father. Cordae became aware of conscious rappers such as Rakim, Na, and Talib Kwel. YouTube became his encyclopedia of hip-hop; it was there he listened to interviews with hip-hop legends and artists he admired. The sound of old-school hip hop inspired him and current music artists such as Kanye West, Eminem, and J Cole. Penning lyrics at ten and recording at sixteen, he took on the alias "Entendre. In 2014, "Anxiety" became his debut mixtape; and over the next two years, he added two more mixtapes to his collection. An A-class student, Cordae did well in school and understood the importance of education. While in college, he formed an online friendship with rappers, Nahmir & Almighty Jay and would sometimes travel to LA to hook up with the rappers. During his college years, he realized he wanted a rap career, and in 2018, he dropped out of college to concentrate on his career. What transpired next was Cordae remixed tracks by various artists, such as Eminem's "My name is." and uploaded it to the "World Star Hip-Hop channel; once there, the song caught alight. After joining Nahmir & Almighty Jay's YBN collective, he took the name tag "YBN- Cordae" In 2018, "Rolling Loud Music Festival" became his first performance debut. As an alliance, they released "YBN-The mixtape," On the side, Cordae commenced with his solo project and worked his way to earning the privilege of working in the studio with Dr. Dre. In 2019, the conscious rapper was signed to Atlantic Records and recorded & released his debut studio album "The Lost Boy." The album received two nominations at the 62nd Grammy Awards. 2022, "From a Birds Eye View," is Cordae's second studio album release. In his own words, "the album presents the story of "seeing things outside of yourself and viewing from another person's perspective."