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Cosmic Gate - Nick Chagall & Bossi are a dynamic Trance music duo from Germany built a solid reputation for delivering euphoric Trance music.

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Cosmic Gate


Cosmic Gate - aka Nic Chagall and Bossi, is one of Germany's most accomplished electronic trance music duos. The twosome has spent the last two decades merging their individual creative talent and producing music with an artistic openness. Claus Terhoeven- aka Nic Chagall and Stefan Bossems, aka -Bossi came together around 1998; both were part of Germany's trendy electronic dance scene. Recognizing their shared music similarities, in 1999 they decided to combine their individual creativeness and form Cosmic Gate. They released a few singles, but it wasn’t until the release of “FireWire” that they began to gain a following. The hard-working duo has been on the EDM circuit for years, non-stop touring and performing at some of the world’s most prominent venues and festivals, such as the prestigious “Tomorrowland”. The uniqueness of their craft is they tend not to create a structured setlist, feeling out their audience. They act following the vibe on the night. Their uplifting productions have big anthem riffs merged with elements of what inspires them “in the moment”. The twosome's powerful teamwork has led them to produce an abundance of singles and many collaborations. Teaming up with the renowned Armin Van Buuren in 2015, the trio created the track “Embargo”. In 2018 the pair were nominated for a Grammy award for the best-remixed recording of Gabriel & Dresdenfeat’s “Sub Teal "Only Road". Nic & Bossi have many well-received albums to their credit, such as “Start to Feel” & “Wake your mind”. The remarkable duo has sealed their respect as Germany’sermanys dynamic musical innovators.