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D-Block Europe/DBE is a UK hip-hop/Trap collective from London UK. The alliance is made up of “Young Adz, Dirtbike LB, and Lil Pino,” they also collaborate with a variety of artists.

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Early Years Their real names are Adam Nathaniel Williams, Ricky Earl Banton, and Pierre Arron; they originate from Lewisham, South East London. Their journey began with Young Adz, who at the age of seven was writing lyrics; and by thirteen was spitting bars. As a youngster, Adam was exposed to the challenging aspects of London's urban life. After dropping several tracks, it wasn't until the release of "Da Prodigy" that his profile elevated. Career Aged fifteen, Adz came to the attention of Richard Castillo manager of N-Dubz, who recognized his potential. Taking on the manager's role, he secured the boys a record deal with Universal. As young youth, they were caught up in street life and didn't take the opportunity seriously; soon, it wasn't long before they were dropped from the deal. At sixteen and back on the street, it wasn't long before the young Adz was arrested and put on a police tag. (a curfew.) With time on his hands, he and Dirtbike L.B." began writing lyrics, and L.B.'s brother Wesley became their manager. With some U.S. links, Wesley connected Young Adz with U.S. rapper Jadakiss. After viewing Young Adz's potential, he flew Young Adz over to America, signed the young collective, and gave them the name D-Block Europe. "Top 5 Dead or Alive" was Jadakiss's 2015 album; Young Adz featured on the song "Confetti." "Diamond" was D-Block Europe's first single. Due to the boys living on the edge, Jadakiss dropped their deal but continued to let them use the name. When the young rappers decided to take things seriously, they returned to the studio. After dropping a few tracks, "Trap House" propelled them, and their Uk fan base continued to grow. Tracks such as "Large Amounts" & "Favourite Girl" gained traction. After the release of "Shard" in 2018, it gained millions of views and garnered attention from major labels. In the end, they decided to become independent artists. In 2018, "Any minute now," the project was released featuring "YNXG Bane," it reached number 14 on the U.K. Album charts. "Home Alone" the mixtape reached no six on the U.K. charts, and the same year "PTSD" hit number 4; by 2020, "The Blueprint Us v Them" ranked in the second place.